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Asset Investigations

- Rental Car "over due" recovery
- Repeat Offender Database

Private Investigation

- New or Existing Employees
- Background Verification
- Criminal Record Check

Fraud Investigation

- Credit Cards
- Driver License
- Home Address

Mission Statement

Asset Retrieval & Investigations is a Private Investigation Company, Texas License A19681. We specialize in investigations for the car rental industry.

ARI does not own repo trucks, nor do we store your vehicles on a lot. Once a vehicle, is located it comes directly back to your location. If a tow service is required due to not being able to obtain keys from renter, ARI Agents will use the company you authorize. ARI Agents will make a physical search of all listed addresses in phase one of the investigation efforts. The addresses that they will check come from the rental contract, as well as the skip-trace results that we provide. ARI performs a complete background check, not only on the renter but renter’s relatives and known associates.

These investigation services allow ARI Agents to force the renter back to your location and turn in the vehicle. ARI Agents will pressure the renter through family and associates to cause the vehicle to show back on your premises so it can generate positive revenue for your location. We classify this as a “Forced Return” with the ultimate goal of getting the vehicle back in your possession.

In addition to professional investigation services, ARI has developed a website for your use ( Our website is a great tool which will help you to better manage your assigned territory. The status page shows the date that you issued an investigation to us and the date the vehicle was returned. In addition, ARI Agents provide field reports for your review. After closing the investigation file, clients can print out a copy of all field notes for future reference, such as in court cases and collection.

As a rental car agency, your goal is to have good rentals that will generate revenue for your locations. The longer you allow an overdue rental to go without revenue, the more money you lose at your franchise or location. ARI understands the needs of the rental car industry.

For further assistance please call.

David Westfere
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